Recovery BOOSTAA 60gm syringe

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  • World first Australian research :Patented amino acid supplement supplies what the horse needs, when they need it

Daily requirement : 60gm of Recovery BOOSTAA paste
Targeted amino acid recovery supplement, developed in conjunction with scientists for the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia.


The precise science of exercise recovery just got a whole lot easier.

Developed in conjunction with the University of Newcastle, using world first research, six key amino acids have been identified that are lost in the highest quantities. The replenishment of these aminos, and the timing of that replenishment, are critical in minimising the catabolic response of muscle tissue breaking down, leading to muscle soreness and resulting poor performance.

Six key amino acids are lost at faster rates than others during and after exertion. Higher intensity training and racing exacerbates these

Replenishment of these amino key acids can support

  • Effective maintenance of aerobic capacity
  • Maintenance of muscle mass and condition
  • Muscle recovery from exercise
  • Soft tissue repair
  • Protein synthesis

During and after exercise, digestive processes slow

  • There will be a period of some hours before ingested proteins are digested
  • There is a delay in supply of amino acids immediately post exercise.
  • This is the time when they are needed for recovery and repair

BoostAA amino acids are in free form

  • Do not require digestion
  • Are rapidly absorbed
  • Provide key amino acids when they are needed

Providing BoostAA straight after exercise (within 30 minutes)

  • Provide key resources for recovery
  • Will reduce demand on the body to supply these amino acids

Reducing catabolism provides a better chance to

  • Maintain muscle mass and integrity
  • Minimise susceptibility to muscle soreness and injuries

Recovery BoostAA is available in 4kg powder, 1kg paste or single dose 40g syringe.

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