Electrolyte Balancer Paste 60ml

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Horsepower Electrolyte Balancer Paste is designed to the rapid restoration of electrolytes lost through sweat over a brief, but intense exercise period, such as a race or full intensity training session.

Electrolyte depletion through sweat losses can reduce appetite and hinder recovery from hard work. If appetite is reduced then intake of electrolytes in feed may be compromised.

Using fast-acting paste electrolyte provides rapid restoration of normal electrolyte balance in the body, reducing the chance of dehydration and supporting regular appetitewater intake and recovery from exercise. Horsepower Electrolyte Balancer delivers fast acting salts in the same proportion as those lost in sweat in a palatable fruit flavoured paste.

 *Contains no buffers – suitable for endurance horses.

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Electrolyte Balancer Paste (10 x 60ml)
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